2024 Gourd & Fiber Arts Awards Announced

Gourd and Fiber Show 2024


Best of Show
Sir Pounce A lot Ocelot by Jeanine Williams

Second Place
The Zipper by Judy Richie

Third Place
Wow Box & Wren by Bill Decker

Basketry/Fiberworks Category

1st Place – Fallen Crown by Roy Cavarretta

2nd Place –  Turquoise Deer by Judy Richie

3rd Place – Extra Large Antler Basket
by Crystal Ziemann

Sculpture Category

1st Place – Rhody Road Runner
by Jeanine Williams

2nd Place – Lilibet by Judy Richie

3rd Place – Wing Walker by Bill Decker

Southwest Category

1st  Place – Caught in a Dream by Becky Klix

2ndPlace – Maid of Honor by Roy Cavarretta

3rd Place – Cholla Birdman by David Cleaveland

Carving Category

1st Place – Foraging by Kathy Lawson

2nd Place – Ancient Cliff Dwelling
by David Cleaveland

3rd Place – Hard Choice by Blanche Cavarretta

Unusual/Innovative Use of Materials

1st  Place – Cleo-Paw-Tra by Jeanine Williams

2nd  Place – Butterfly & Flowers by Bill Decker

3rd  Place – Ms. Jade by Sherry Nelson

Mixed Media

First Place – Copper & Coiling by Judy Richie

Second Place – Crusty by Crystal Ziemann

Third Place – Turquoise Coiled by Barbie Holton

Judges’ Special Award
Frog Serenade by Kathy Lawson


Best of Show
Texas Horned Lizard by Polly Hansen

Second Place
Southwestern Winter Sunset
by Polly Hansen

Third Place
Sheep Oasis by Andrea Rummel

Judges’ Special Awards

Common Buckeye by Polly Hansen

Swimming Up Stream by Sherry Christensen

Antelope Horns by Suzann Thompson

Undersea Refuge by Polly Hansen

Stripes #4 by Lynn Speier

A Child Was Born by Elaine Capers

People’s Choice

Gourd Art
Pots with A Past by Sherry Nelson

Fiber Art 
Sheep Oasis by Andrea Rummel